Your support is essential - Please consider contributing to the Annual Appeal!

Now with the opportunity to reach more individuals than ever before, your support has never been more impactful. We appreciate you considering CSCNYCT as one of your philanthropic priorities, with a gift that you are most comfortable with for you and your family.

Thanks to your generosity, every service that we provide will continue to be at NO COST to the individuals who need them. That means every dollar raised goes directly towards providing support groups, individual counseling services, healthy lifestyle classes, educational workshops, and social programs to those impacted by cancer – adults, children, teens, and families.

Your gift will ensure that our critical programs continue while giving our growing number of community members in the greater NY and CT areas a safe space, support, and the strength they need to live each day with cancer in their lives. Thank you for your generous heart and continued support.
It is not hard for many of us to imagine what a cancer diagnosis does to the life of a loved one because so many of us have seen it firsthand.