Learning To Live

I learned of life, as I started to see and grow

And listened all day, as I followed Mom, in tow

        The sights all about me, brought wonder to my eyes

        And I learned of life’s joy, which my parents idolized

        My Mom and Dad, each gave me their love

        For I was their delight, sent from Heaven above

        I grew out of my diapers, as I’m now into pants

        And I developed the ability, to say no and have rants

        But, all that I knew, one day turned upside down

        As my Mom and my Dad, tried hiding their frowns

        Now whispering became the norm, in my loving abode

        I was confused, in a fog, I had no signals to decode

         My Mom was often crying, and my Dad was home a lot

         I guessed there was something, but what, I knew not

         Dad played less each time, and slept through the day

         We played when he could, my Dad was ill, in some way

         I cried on that day, when they sat down by my side

         They told me the truth, that my Dad would soon die

         I sat there in tears, they said his sickness had no answer

         Asking them why, they explained softly, he has cancer

         Was G-d punishing me, when I said no and had rants

         Did my parents sin, or failed in some worthy observance

         So I cry silently praying, for his illness to be cured

         Mom says he is here now, so we will just endure

         So, we talk and play games, while I snuggle up to him

         He says what he hopes, thoughts to inspire my within

         I leave while he rests, with a sad smile on my face

         For I know he’ll always be with me, as I run my life’s race

         Dad has crossed over, into the Heaven’s above

         But he leaves Mom and me, with his everlasting love

         We face a new reality, a lost love and deep sadness

         Yet, I still hear his words, cause I still feel his presence

-Jeffrey Dien, member of GCW Caregiver group