Living With A Loss

Finding people to support you is perhaps the most important thing you can do following the loss of someone you love. If someone in your life has died of cancer, Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT is here to help during this difficult time. Grief is experienced in many different ways. At Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT, we recognize and support the range of emotions that many individuals feel after a loss. Our living with loss support groups are for family members, friends or caregivers who have lost a loved one to cancer. We also offer support groups for children who have experienced a cancer related loss. Click for more information.

For more information on the programs we offer for individuals living with cancer, or to sign up for a support group or activity, please call 914.644.8844

Short-Term Counseling

Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT can offer up to 6 counseling sessions to anyone with a cancer-related loss. Counseling provides the opportunity to meet with a mental health clinician who is an expert in addressing issues that are commonly experienced by those who are living with loss, such as anxiety, sadness, depression, and anger and difficulty with decision-making.

Support Groups

Living with Loss – an eight-session support group

These time-limited support groups, facilitated by an experienced, licensed mental health professional, provide emotional support for those who are living with a cancer-related loss. Advanced registration is required for all support groups. For more information, please contact

Grief in Common Networking Group

This monthly networking group is open to all members of CSCNYCT who have experienced a cancer-related loss. Members will join in a safe space for connection and engagement with one another, allowing time for open conversation as well as discussion of topics related to grief and loss. As a networking group, members are invited to join monthly but do not need to commit to monthly attendance. Members are required to register using our calendar for each session they wish to attend.

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops and Activities

Educational lectures and healthy lifestyle workshops offer a chance to acquire skills, tools, information, and techniques while forming meaningful connections with others who are living with loss. CSCNYCT is equipped with a spacious and light-filled exercise studio for physical activity classes (such as yoga and Pilates), and stress reduction classes such as mindfulness, an art studio for expressive arts classes, and a full kitchen for workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking.

Social Programs

Social activities provide an opportunity meet and connect with others who are living with loss, around a common interest.