Living With Cancer

Dealing with the feelings and impact associated with a cancer diagnosis can be difficult. Whether you are recently diagnosed, in treatment, or post treatment, finding the right emotional and social support is an essential complement to medical care. In addition to our support groups and educational programs, we offer distress screenings, individual counseling, skills-based trainings and health and wellness programs. Here, people living with cancer will be able to find the support that best fits their needs.

For more information on the programs we offer for individuals living with cancer, or to sign up for a support group or activity, please call 914.644.8844

Short-Term Counseling

Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT offers up to 6 counseling sessions to anyone impacted by cancer. Counseling provides the opportunity to meet with a mental health clinician who is an expert in addressing issues that are commonly experienced by those impacted by cancer, such as anxiety, depression and communication. We also offer consultation for advance directives, specifically selecting a health care proxy and assistance with communicating values and wishes to loved ones and medical teams.

Bilingual Cancer Support Hotline

Through the hotline, anyone with a cancer diagnosis can receive phone counseling from an experienced CSCNYCT licensed mental health professional. One-on-one phone counseling provides individuals the opportunity to discuss their concerns related to their cancer diagnosis with the goal of decreasing emotional distress. To access the Bilingual (English/Spanish) Cancer Support Hotline, please call 914-997-6006.

Funding for this hotline was provided through a contract with the New York State Department of Health and the Breast Cancer Alliance for those with breast cancer.

Support Groups

These support groups, offered weekly and monthly are facilitated by an experienced, licensed mental health professional. Support groups provide ongoing emotional support for those with a cancer diagnosis. Advanced registration is required for all support groups. For more information, please call 914.644.8844.

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops and Activities

Educational lectures and healthy lifestyle workshops offer a chance to acquire skills, tools, information, and techniques while forming meaningful connections with others who are living with cancer. Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT is equipped with a spacious and light-filled exercise studio for physical activity classes (such as yoga and Pilates), and stress reduction classes such as mindfulness, an art studio for expressive arts classes, and a full kitchen for workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking.

Social Programs

Social activities provide an opportunity to meet and connect with others with a cancer diagnosis around a common interest.