The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an extremely crucial process for both those living with cancer and their caregivers. It’s important to know all about an Advance Health Care Directive, having a will, a trust, and other legal documents to ensure that you are fully protected.

The following are three reasons why it’s essential to execute estate planning:

  1. Offers peace of mind – There may come a time during the cancer journey when it becomes difficult to make decisions on your own. These documents will offer peace of mind to both the individual living with cancer and their loved ones in knowing that their wishes and affairs are being handled in the manner that they desire.
  1. Eliminates any confusion or conflict – Without proper planning, questions can arise about whether to continue treatment. There may be changes to medications or difficult decisions that have to be made by family members with conflicting opinions. Planning ahead can eliminate any potential issues as the individual will have already decided the treatment they want ahead of time.
  1. Protects your loved ones – Having a will helps to ensure that assets go wherever the individual wants them to, that the right person is in charge of their estate, and that the people they want to be cared for, will be.

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