Meet Scott!

Scott E. Weiner
Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Scott is a certified hypnotist who facilitates hands-on stress reduction workshops monthly in both Westchester and NYC. He has lost track, but thinks he began more than 15 years ago! Which, he says, is probably when his photo is from!!! He has a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Cornell University, M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from SUNY/Stony Brook with 3 years of doctoral research at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. Scott has taken numerous trainings in hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, coaching, and communications. Before retiring, he was a corporate trainer developing sales and management training for pharmaceutical industry.

Read below to learn more about our dedicated workshop facilitator Scott!

What is something you think everyone should try at least once?

Forgive my bias—of course hypnosis!!! Guided imagery can be so relaxing and soothing and creative and have lasting positive effects! 

Who has inspired your career path most in your life?

Albert Ellis, the grandfather of cognitive-behavior therapy, inspired by philosophy, contributed highly effective principles and techniques to change thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

And Milton Erickson, the most influential medical hypnotist of the last century, who inspired many contemporary hypnotists to be creative and collaborative with clients and their unconscious minds.

If you had a time machine, what time period would you travel to?

Since my academic specialty was 19th-20th Century German philosophy would love to go back in time and ask German philosophers what their unclear writing actually means—and why did they not write more clearly!! Hello Kant and Hegel!!! And to have a wonderful conversation with Nietzsche!!! And to engage them in contemporary social justice conversations!

How did you get started as a volunteer at Gilda’s Club Westchester?

This is my way of giving back to the community as a volunteer.

What do you enjoy most about working with Gilda’s Club?

I think Gilda’s Club is a wonderful organization, largely of volunteers, making a very positive contributions to people’s quality of life! I enjoy sharing customized self-help techniques and seeing in the workshop the participants relax, become calmer, more confident, more hopeful on the spot!